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    Confused about pin grades? Here's a quick breakdown to help you get a clearer picture!

    Grade A
    Sold at full price, these pins are typically in perfect condition without any type of noticeable flaws. They come packaged on a branded backing card.

    Grade B
    Sold at a reduced price, these pins have some minor imperfections that may or may not be immediately visible, including but not limited to: light surface scratches, extremely tiny markings/indents, and other minor metal discolouration. They come packaged on a branded backing card.

    Sold at half price, these pins have flaws that are immediately noticeable, including but not limited to: chipped enamel, visible dents, flawed metal, and other types of markings. All seconds pins come packaged in a clear plastic bag and do not include a backing card. Please note that these pins are only offered through my seconds sales, which occur about 2-3 times per year, and due to high demand, stock tends to sell out very quickly. For updates on when my next sale is happening, please be sure to follow me on Instagram.