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    Starting at 12 pm EST on Thursday, March 28th, I’ll be hiding a bunch of promo code bunnies all around my online shop. The bunnies will be tucked in product listings, hidden in images, and basically anywhere else you can think of! 

    Each bunny will contain a secret promo code that’ll give you from 25% to 50% off your entire order, but you won’t know the exact value until you enter the code at checkout. 

    Each code can only be used ONCE, so if you happen to find one, definitely don’t wait to use it! If someone else finds the code and uses it before you, then it’s gone for good. Make sure to set an alarm if you want the best shot at redeeming one!

    Some bunnies will be easy to spot, while others will be a bit harder to find. Any unused promo codes will expire at noon on Saturday, March 30th

    *PLEASE NOTE that only one code redemption per customer will be permitted.*

    Good luck and happy hunting! 🐰